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Joining in on the holiday spirit

Every year around the holidays I am busy getting things ready for my clients, making christmas presents, shopping and all of the other things normal people do during this season.  What I normally DON'T do is spend the time making a holiday card.  I always feel bad when I receive other peoples fun christmas cards in the mail, but thanks to Shutterfly's 50 free holiday card promotion, I'M DOING IT!  Come hell or high water! 


We used Shutterfly for our latest holiday card... which came out approximately 3 years ago, you know, when we got married:


I still adore that card. 

I haven't put our card together for this year yet (surprise!) but seeing as they have Christmas, holiday and New Years card options, I'll be in good shape even if I don't get my act together by Christmas.  Seeing as they're so easy to make and order (not to mention I can pick them up at Target) as long as I can chose a picture, I'll be in great shape. 


If you're a blogger and want to get in on the 50 Free cards from Shutterfly Holiday Promotion, just go here to fill out the information.  Oh, and I promise I'll blog about food soon too!

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