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Hidden treasure

Okay, I'm discontinuing Weekly Food Horoscope... at least for the time being.  Not enough comments, and well, I suck at doing anything on a weekly basis that I'm not required to do by law, my husband or those people that pay me money (fools!).  Maybe if there is a big wave of demand I will continue (feel free to comment below), but until then the Weekly Food Horoscope has a TBD fate.  But!  I did find a hidden treasure in my wad of memory cards today.  It's from Valentine's day (awww) and I had to take a picture of my cute creations.


I made individual Beef Wellington.  I'm kind of a scrooge and don't really care about Valentine's day.  I do love my husband, but really?  Shitty chocolate in a heart shaped box?  So not my style.  I prefer my chocolate dark, rich and in bar form (I'll skip the bon-bons).  Flowers are great on any day, but I prefer ruby red shoes to scarlet roses.  Ooh, can we make shoes a Valentine's day standard from here on out?  So I don't like V-day... but I'm a sucker for an excuse to make a fancy meal, so Beef Wellington it was.  And since it was v-day I had an excuse to be cute. 



Trying to be a LITTLE less of a scrooge, I did the cute K+K for Kate and Kyle instead of my preferred K v. K, (Kate versus Kyle is the name of our band.  And yes, we are available for weddings.)

And then I got even girlier and threw on some hearts.



And here they are being cute on the silpat together.



Did you kids do anything cute for your honey for Valentine's day?

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When I used to cater, I looked forward to beef wellington nights. I'd battle with the chef to take home leftovers :) My at home attempt didn't turn out very well, but that's likely because I didn't know the difference between puff pastry and phyllo dough. I've come so far since then!

Oh and re: Valentine's Day? I hate that holiday.

March 23, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterCrystal

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