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new toy

say hello to pretty


New Project

I'm going to try and start posting a "picture of the day"... I'm sure I won't post everyday, because work stresses me out, but I can pretend to try.

Potd, take one


I FINALLY got my new lens

I just received my Tokina 12-24mm ultra wide zoom. I bought it on Ebay, and am very happy with the look and feel of it, but it's been snowing, and being the weeny I am, I haven't gone out to take any good "wide-angle" pictures yet. This is what I accomplished with-in a 3 food radius of my front and back doors.


Turkey babies

Here are some shots from early Thursday morning. We went to hang out with some of my favorite people...


luke preview

So, apparently with all of my new found free time (hooray AND boo for no more wedding planning)I have time to learn how to use photoshop again. This is SLIGHTLY challenging since I haven't done it since the year 2000. Apparently i've forgotten alot, and probably didn't learn very much to begin with. So we're going to show you what I have learned how to do.

First we'll look at Luke version 1.0

Poor luke is under exposed because of the back-lighting and my light balance setting. This is a good thing. Much better than being over exposed at least, and seeing as it's fall and had the camera's white balance settings on direct sunlight, the coloring is actually pretty much right on. I actually really like the halo effect the hard sun gives his ultra blonde hair.

With some tweaking we can make you actually see luke, AND he's the focal point of the picture, instead of his haloed hair.

I'm still practicing, but this is getting FUN!

for more pictures of luke stay tuned to