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It's baby season

No, Mom, I'm not pregnant.  Warding off babies this time of year is pretty tough though.  They seem to be around every corner and soon enough we'll have our little chickies running around their... cardboard enclosement (if the city ever gets around to sending us our paperwork).  Even yesterday on a run through the neighborhood, upon seeing a young pup my instinct was to say "ooooh, PUPPPPYYYY" even though I was out of breath.  Damn you babies! Why do I love you so much?

Here's a little baby love to make your morning bright.


Don't you just want to eat his FACE????? SO CUTE!  I think his name is Jesus (he was born on Easter eve)  I got to meet him just  a few days after he was born at L.T.D. Farm in Osceola, WI where a lovely lass Khaiti done up left the city and became a farmer.  (You may remember her GORGEOUS eggs from my last post).  She's awesome, and you can read about her awesome ducks on Friday at the Heavy Table.



She pushed me right over the edge

I went to a farm this week.  I love animals... and farms, and farmers...  Being a city girl my entire life, you'd probably be surprised by my love for the farm.  There is a reason for this love of course, and it's clearly a romanticised one, but it's real, dear and close to my heart.  My grandparents lived on a farm. Well, my grandma still lives in the same house on the same acreage, but it's not so much a farm any more.  There is still pasture, but the animals have long since left (aside from the fire ants and catfish that live in the tank) and the land is no longer worked.  Once upon a time Kyle and I worked on farms for four months.  It was the most exhausting and rewarding thing either of us has ever done, but it marked us.  Something about farming is so intrinsically human.  Cultivating the land, raising animals... it's what separates us from the rest of the primates.


But we live in the city, and I love the city too.  I love my friends, and the skyline, and barbecues, the bike rides, the restaurants and coffee shops... So what, really, is a girl to do?  Can a person really just leave the city?  Their house?  Their job? Will all the time I spend at my computer being "connected" eventually burn me out?  Will I burn my bra*, my iPhone and my designer jeans and head towards the hills?  When I see beauties like these, courtesy of my friend Khaiti, I think I just might.  


EDIT: These eggs are NOT dyed.  They come from hens known as easter egg varieties.  This is the real deal people!


Not quite being prepared to up and change our entire lives, we instead had this delivered to our house today.






I think having cute little chicks in our possession might just help convince me to blog more too... though we'll have to see how much sleep I'm getting :)

*I am aware that farmers can and do wear bras, and that they are sold at both Fleet Farm and Wal-Mart.  But if I'm a farmer, I'm saving my bra only for special occasions. 



What's in your fridge?

MPR is doing a cool project asking people to submit pictures of their fridge.  I of course had to clean ours out before I took a picture of it (I am my mother's daughter after all) and I do think it looks pretty great now. He're is what it looked like after the purge:




I'm happy to say it looks pretty much the same, though there is less wine in there now, and I bought some dry curd cottage cheese (any suggestions on how to use it?)

Interesting things I'd like to point out:

In the top left corner is the sourdough started I received as a gift from one of my photography clients. 

The white eggs are actually duck eggs (and I'll be visiting the duck farm next week!)

We have a lot of pickles. And a lot of butter. 



What's in your fridge?  Anything intersting you'd like to brag about?



Since I neglect this blog, I'll remind you that my weekly pictures can be found over at the City Pages






Hidden treasure

Okay, I'm discontinuing Weekly Food Horoscope... at least for the time being.  Not enough comments, and well, I suck at doing anything on a weekly basis that I'm not required to do by law, my husband or those people that pay me money (fools!).  Maybe if there is a big wave of demand I will continue (feel free to comment below), but until then the Weekly Food Horoscope has a TBD fate.  But!  I did find a hidden treasure in my wad of memory cards today.  It's from Valentine's day (awww) and I had to take a picture of my cute creations.


I made individual Beef Wellington.  I'm kind of a scrooge and don't really care about Valentine's day.  I do love my husband, but really?  Shitty chocolate in a heart shaped box?  So not my style.  I prefer my chocolate dark, rich and in bar form (I'll skip the bon-bons).  Flowers are great on any day, but I prefer ruby red shoes to scarlet roses.  Ooh, can we make shoes a Valentine's day standard from here on out?  So I don't like V-day... but I'm a sucker for an excuse to make a fancy meal, so Beef Wellington it was.  And since it was v-day I had an excuse to be cute. 



Trying to be a LITTLE less of a scrooge, I did the cute K+K for Kate and Kyle instead of my preferred K v. K, (Kate versus Kyle is the name of our band.  And yes, we are available for weddings.)

And then I got even girlier and threw on some hearts.



And here they are being cute on the silpat together.



Did you kids do anything cute for your honey for Valentine's day?


I'm home!

and then off I go again tomorrow to Texas for a wedding.  The past 2 weeks of travel have been a whirlwind and it continues.  Kyle and I got home from a 2 day trip to Southern Minnesota and Des Moines, where I occasionally have to go for work.  Kyle got a little taste of what I do for my job (and some good relaxing time at the hotels) and he got to meet my boss finally, along with some good and not so good eats in the Des Moines area.  It seems there are a ton of people in Iowa who consider themselves Irish.  On our quest for good corned beef we stopped at a total of FOUR Irish bars, but only actually went to three as one was charging a $5 cover. 

Before headed over to the worst meal any of us have eaten in a long time (which involved a shepard's pie consisting of a low grade cheddar, instant mashed potatoes and taco meat), we got a guineess at an outdoor festival where we also sampled the Iowan favorite "the walking taco"... a brilliant idea for shitty street food.  Who needs a taco shell when you can smash up doritos? I also ordered what was called a Las Vegas Hot Dog, hoping for something as creative as the walking taco, but ended up with nothing but a frank (perhaps thicker than average) on bun... at least they had sauerkraut.



Don't worry.  Today's lunch made up for last night's dining experiences, but that experience is for another day (and probably another blog... sorry guys). 

Earlier in the week I was thrilled to find out that Grace, the mastermind behind the most addictive and inspirational design blog in my RSS feed posted a link to my Outstanding in the Field pictures from last year, linked to my pictures of last years Minnesota event! 

Outstanding in the Field- MN


You can see more of my pictures from last year's event here.  For the full schedule and to buy your tickets for the event this year check out the New! and Improved! Outstanding in the Field website, but make sure to save a ticket for me!