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Bang Trim


30 Days of Creativity

Well friends, no the kitchen is not yet done, but I'm hell bent on doing something with this here blog to resuscitate it before it is pronounced DOA.

Enter 30 days of creativity (or if you will #30daysofcreativity). Since I'm not about to lug my d700 with me everywhere I go, and since I haven't yet been able to get my hands on a Fuji X100 I've become quite accustomed to shooting every day images with my iPhone 4.  Is it the best camera in the world?  No, but it's convenient and ALWAYS at my side. And is taking pictures every day really "creative?" Again, no because I almost do everyday anyway.  To amp up the challenge to myself I've decided to stick strictly to pictures looking downward.  This is actually one of my favorite ways of composing, and I'd like to think doing one (or 10) shots a day of looking down will help me fine tune this process, and have fun in the meantime.  I doubt I'll get around to posting a picture on the blog daily (though apparently, I CAN blog from my phone) but it's worth a shot!

Peace Coffee Shop/"Stripes"