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It's coming....

Appropriately in conjunction with my last post, the cookbook is available for pre-order over at Amazon.



HOLY SHIT!  I can't believe this is all coming together.  I get to see my first proof pages tomorrow... and then we all have to wait until October before holding this beauty in our hands. Remember: Christmas is only six months away.




Fire in the hood.  

I ran over to South Minneapolis yesterday afternoon after being alerted that Heidi's and Blackbird were going up in smoke.  Thanks to the wonders of the internet I was able to live blog the situation on the Heavy Table.  James Norton and I each wrote a follow up perspective which were published today.  Please keep all of the employees of the five neighborhood restaurants and shops that were affected by this devistating event in your thoughts.  Additionally, if you happen to know about any food related employment opportunities in the Twin Cities for stranded employees, give Stewart Woodman a shout.